Health and Safety

Cape Point Partnership takes health and safety very seriously. In light of this, we comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Our funicular is also fully compliant with the Railway Safety Act.

Our staff receives comprehensive training in funicular safety, first aid and fire response. Our current safety record reflects this – our staff have currently worked more than 6,900 days without disabling injury, and travelled 237,392 km without motor vehicle accidents.

As part of our HSE process, our experienced safety representatives conduct daily, weekly and monthly checks on equipment. There are also mechanical and electrical safety audits conducted on a monthly and six-monthly basis.



Cape Point is located in pristine natural wilderness, and as such all of our operations are shaped by reducing our impact on the surrounding environment. In light of this, Cape Point has initiated the following policies:

  • We use environmentally friendly cleaning materials.
  • We have regular waste collections through a partnership with Wastemart.
  • Cape Point has baboon proof bins on site so as to keep the area clean and to conform to SANPArks rules and regulations.
  • No smoking signs are also displayed on site.
  • The electric Funicular has no emissions and no noise pollution.



Cape Point is also wheel chair friendly, and we encourage guests with mobility difficulties to visit our beautiful natural reserve. All of the stores and the restaurant at the lower level are wheelchair accessible, as is the Flying Dutchman Funicular. This means that guests confined to a wheel chair can still travel up to the upper station to take in the views of the reserve below.