Listen to the stories of Cape Point – The Cape of Soldiers



We’ve put together a series of 12 podcasts to bring the myths, legends and true stories of Cape Point to you, wherever you are. Listen to the seventh episode below:

Cape of soldiers – Cape Point’s military history

Point of interest
The year 1939 was the end of a long and difficult war over the soul of Cape Point, and the start of a long and difficult war over the soul of Europe.

One for the war and history buffs – Cape Point in the 20th Century

Today, Cape Point is a haven for relaxation and exciting exploration – hiking routes connect visitors to tranquil secluded beaches, a variety of wildlife roam peacefully along the open fynbos plains, and a number of dramatic viewpoints offer unique perspectives on the vast ocean surrounding the prominent peninsula. But this wasn’t always the case, and a quick look back into the mid-20th century at Cape Point reveals some fascinating details, and remnants of a wartime era, which are still visible around the park to this day.