Chocolatey Treats at Cape Point this Easter

Cape Point’s resident pirate will roam around the funicular handing out delicious chocolately treats to families this Easter and present children with fun activity books that will teach them about the scenically beautiful attraction’s history, flora and fauna.

To make the most of the surrounding sights, hop on to the electric powered Flying Dutchman funicular and let your eyes take in the waves crashing against the steep cliffs of the Cape of Good Hope and the white sands of Dias Beach.

Shop for souvenirs at one of the three curio stores at Cape Point and enjoy scrumptious sushi and seafood at the Two Ocean’s Restaurant, with its spectacular viewing deck that makes you feel part of the picture perfect setting.

Activity books will be available from Good Friday to keep your kids entertained, and Easter eggs will be handed out from Saturday to acknowledge those who have given up chocolate for lent this year.


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