COMPETITION: #CapePointCreates

Cape Town is known for its many industrious informal artisans who return to the busy streets of town each day or spend hours at local flea markets to sell their products.

These business-minded people highlight a talent for creating the types of products that foreign guests are after. Sadly, these entrepreneurs aren’t always able to grow their businesses, either because of a lack of finances or the opportunity to present their creations in a professional environment.


Recognising the limitations that these craftspeople face, the Cape Point Concession and Tourvest Destination Retail are embarking on an initiative geared to change this. Together, these organisations will be hosting a competition to provide opportunities for people with creative talent to market their goods.


“This is a good opportunity to showcase some of the talented artisans whose work often doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. As an organisation, we are committed to helping the wider local communities by making a difference to the lives of less fortunate individuals.Fatima Anter, Marketing Project Specialist of Cape Point.


Participants will enter a particular item they have designed and made. The products created could be anything, such as souvenirs, homeware, costume jewellery, children’s toys, wood carvings, photographic prints, etc.


Step 1: Create your design and take a photo of it.

Step 2: Upload the picture of your design to any of YOUR social media platforms (Facebook or Twitter or Instagram).

Tag @CapePointSA (Facebook or Twitter or Instagram) and the #CapePointCreates hashtag in your post.

Alternatively, you can send an e-mail. Mail your picture, along with its description to

Step 3: Now you wait! Good Luck.

The entrants of this competition will stand a chance to win cash prizes and the golden opportunity to sell their products through the Cape Point gift stores. The opportunity will help to increase sales as Cape Point is visited daily by hundreds of foreign travellers and locals.


Cape Point will also be showcasing the images of all the products on their social media pages, where Cape Point followers will be able to vote for their favourites. The winners will be selected by a panel of judges, taking into account the public votes as well. This competition will run over the period from 22 February to 29 March 2019.


“As one of the key tourist destinations in South Africa, Cape Point offers our visitors a unique opportunity to experience, explore and shop in an extraordinary environment. As an organisation, Tourvest Destination Retail supports local communities through employment opportunities and is always on the lookout to discover new artisans who have the potential to supply our shops in the Park and beyond.Allison Graham, CEO of Tourvest Destination Retail.


Once the winners are announced, Tourvest Destination Retail and Cape Point will assist the artisans with the development of their products for commercial success (including guidance with packaging and payment of deposits on orders).




  1. Each participant can only submit one product.
  2. There will be no entries accepted after the competition end-date
  3. Each participant must tag @CapePointSA and the hashtag provided to enter the competition.
  4. Participants who do not have access to social media should call the organisers at the following number, and the necessary arrangements will be made with the prospective entrant:  +27 (0) 21 462 3303
  5. No backdated social media posts will be accepted as an entry. It needs to be uploaded during the period of 22 February 2019 – 29 March 2019.


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