Feature Friday: Ramon Mellett


“My passion for photography is driven by being authentic,”- Ramon Mellett.

In the spirit of tourism month, we’re ending the week off with a #FeatureFriday. This week’s feature is all about the talented filmmaker & photographer Ramon Mellett. Ramon’s images are more than beautiful, his pictures and videos take you on adventure regardless where you’re viewing them from. The unknown and capturing stills of unique locations in a creative way is what excites Ramon.



When picking the young photographer’s brain on what makes a good shot, he advises that good light and composition always helps but sometimes it’s a mixture of skill and luck. For example – shooting a scene at sunset with overcast clouds and for a brief moment having sun rays pierce through lighting your scene in a beautiful way, and knowing what to do and using your intuition in these moments. Such relatable advice, don’t you think?







Ramon not only explores local locations but is well traveled too. If you’re a keen follower of his work (as we are), you’ll spot some of his content that is simply out of this world! He captures such brilliant shots, not only nationally but across the shores too. When asked about his bucket list, he mentions that there are untouched parts of Africa which he is excited to explore and hopes to tick off before the generic landscape destinations. The obvious places where he’d love to visit are Patagonia, The Dolomites in Italy, New Zealand and of course Iceland.  Ramon does, however, feel that most of these places have fast become overcrowded due to the influx of Instagram tourism which lessens his desire to go to these places because of how often he sees these landscapes on social media.

Follow Ramon on Instagram HERE. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.





Photographer: Ramon Mellett


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