FEATURE FRIDAY: We catch up with our 2019 #CapePointCreates winner, Roselle Thuynsma

In this weeks edition of #FeatureFriday, we catch up with our 2019 #CapePointCreates winner, Roselle Thuynsma. You will remember Roselle’s beautiful handmade fridge magnets made from recycled bottle tops taking the grand prize. Each bottle top paid homage to a proudly South African reference including Cape Point.  


Roselle’s win included a cash prize of R10 000, plus an opportunity to sell her products from one of the Cape Point gift stores. Fast forward a few months later, Roselle’s fridge magnets sell out on a regular basis in our curio store. Visitors love the fact that they can take a small yet so special piece of memorabilia home with them. 

Cape Point (CP): You won #CapePointCreates in 2019, what sort of effect did this have on your business after the competition? 

Roselle Thuynsma (RT): It turned my business around! It gave me the break I needed to get my product “out there”. Not only did it give my business a financial boost but also triggered my creativity to explore many new ideas!


CP: We spotted your bottle top creations in the Cape Point curio store, which design has sold the most? 

RT: Although all my designs sell very well-which I am very thankful for!- The plain Cape Point Lighthouse is the winner



CP: How has the national lockdown affected your business? 

RT: O yes…It came to an abrupt standstill! All the shops and markets where I sell my products are temporarily closed, so no income! But the upside of it is that I can paint all those new designs that I didn’t have time to do before lockdown. I get to freshen up my current designs which will be hugely beneficial for my business once we are up and running again. It also helps to break the cycle of repetitive production which is a killer for an artist’s creativity.

CP: What are the current projects that you’ve been working on and which is your favourite? 

RT: I have learned over the past few months which designs are more popular so I’m painting new pictures of Cape Town that will be used on all my products! A lot goes into the technical aspect to fit the picture’s format on all the different products, so now is the perfect time to do it. I love the new penguins…People like penguins and our beautiful sunsets, so I’ve combined the 2! Can’t wait to print it up.



CP: What sort of projects are in the pipeline for Roselle Inspirational Art later in the year or post-national lockdown? 

RT: Firstly I want to see all my new pictures printed up on all my products!! Later on, I want to introduce new items to my product range, I am still doing the maths 🙂


 It’s great to see how Roselle has taken a positive approach to the national lockdown and using the time to her advantage. We hope this encourages you to do the same. A special thank you to Roselle, for sharing her latest updates with us. Be sure to follow Roselle on her various platforms listed below. 





Remember to stay home and stay safe.






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