Funicular Friday!

Opt for a different mode of transport and catch a ride on the popular Flying Dutchman Funicular. The only commercial funicular in Africa, you won’t find an experience quite like this one!

With the steepness reaching 16%, making it a height of 87 metres, it can fit 40 passengers per cart at a time. During our peak season, the funicular transports 450 persons per hour easily. Cool, right? Who needs to walk when one could take a ride on the funicular instead (ssssh, don’t tell our personal trainer). The track on which it rides is 585 metres long, but with each trip being only 3 minutes, who’s counting? Enjoy the breathtaking sea views as you travel up to the lighthouse steps, while on the other side is the perfect view of fynbos, in all its glory.

What are you waiting for, book your Flying Dutchman Funicular tickets today!

Click HERE to book your tickets ahead of your next #CapePoint visit.



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