Important Message from Thebe Tourism GM Brett Hendricks

In an effort to improve the guest experience and operational efficiencies, the Cape Point Funicular is changing its operating process with tour operators and we encourage you to make use of the platform. The new process will enable operators to make bookings in advance online rather than at the ticket office. Other benefits include:

  • Cashless touring and reduction in the risk of high cash volumes on site.
  • Eliminating the need to queue at the ticket counter and optimising the visitor journey.
  • A convenient solution for all parties as the booking process is simple and groups will have their tickets upfront.

We, therefore, will provide you with access to the seller interface of our Activitar online booking platform. You will be able to create logins for all your consultants who use Activitar. Each consultant will be able to see our availability and make bookings easily and in real time.

Payments will be made online by credit card via PayGate.

We trust you will agree that this streamlined process will significantly improve our combined service delivery to the customers we share and value.


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