SANPARKS | Annual Conservation Tariff Increase for Parks in the Cape Region

Annual Conservation Tariff Increase for Parks in the Cape Region
(1 November 2020 – 31 October 2021)

Table Mountain National Park
Please see below table of the rate increase for Table Mountain National Park sections consisting of Boulders Penguin Colony; Cape of Good Hope; Newlands; Oudekraal; Silvermine; and the Tokai Picnic and Braai Area, effective 1 November 2020.


The Cape of Good Hope, SA residents’ children rate will not increase and will remain at R40. Newlands; Oudekraal; Silvermine and Tokai picnic & Braai area with SA residents’ children prices will decrease from R16 –R15. Additional vehicle prices for Newlands and Tokai Picnic & Braai Area will decrease from R28 – R25 per vehicle.


Please note:

The standard rate is automatically applied to all visitors at the gate. To claim/qualify for the local rate, South Africans over 18 years of age must provide Original Proof of South African ID on arrival at the gate. No refunds will be provided after entering through the gate if the SA rate was not claimed and billed for on arrival.

All funds generated from conservation fees are used with the primary mandate of South African National Parks which is to oversee the conservation of South Africa’s biodiversity, landscapes, seascapes and associated heritage assets through a system of national parks.




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