Take Back Our Mountains #TBOM27

In collaboration with the SANParks & Cape Point SA ,this safe hike is organised as a result of the on-going criminal activities on our mountains and roads. Take Back Our Mountains will be hiking The Shipwreck Trail, Thomas T Tucker, starting from Olifantsbos parking lot. The aim of the hike is to raise awareness about safety on our mountains and also exert pressure on Table Mountain National Parks to be more reactive in this regard. #TBOM further promotes community safety hikes,  underprivileged youth outreach and clean environmently friendly hikes.
Welcome to the newest task team Yabasha Youth Power, who will be joining us on this hike.
Date: Sunday 25 October 2020
Time: 8:00am -start hiking
Free entry at gate between 7 am and 7:30 only for #TBOM27 hikers
Directions to meet point
After entering through the main gate, drive along the main road for 1.9 km until you see the Olifantsbos turnoff to the right.
Turn right there and travel for a further 10.8 km until you reach the Olifantsbos parking area.
Watch out for the directional signs along the way.
Hike Rating:Grade A– 4 hours
All Covid-19 safety protocols to be observed.
Always take the following on hikes:
Sunglasses, good walking shoes, insect repellent, sunscreen, gloves, beanie, rain jacket, buff
Refreshments and water, camera, binoculars
Be prepared for change of weather with reliable rain gear as well as an extra set of dry clothes, minimum 2 litres of water and a snack pack.
Note the following:
The areas are under the control of the SANParks.
No damage shall be permitted to any natural vegetation, animal, environment or property. Any damage shall be made good at your expense;
The use of accepted pathways and roadways only, shall be permitted. No parking in front of access roads. No trampling of vegetation; No fires. Smoking on tracks, in the carpark or on designated open areas. Dispose of cigarette butts responsible; No loud music or amplifiers allowed; The area must be left in a clean and tidy.
Further note:
Your participation in The Take Back Our Mountains safe hike initiative are entirely at own risk, and therefore exempt #TBOM from any claims, resultant from any incidents, accidents, injuries or loss of valuables. #TBOM is about keeping our hikes safe and enjoyable for all. We hike in a large group, hence the importance of adhering to our hiking rule of staying between Hike Leader and Hike Sweeper.
View the event page and read all of the details here.
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NB: Please wear a mask and sanitizer
Hike Leader:Faghri Daniels
Contact: Taahir Osman on 073 624 4287 for further information


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