The People Behind Cape Point – Alphonzo Wilsnach

Each Cape Point staff member contributes to the guest experience in his or her own way, and we can thank the amazing teamwork between all departments for the world-class guest experience we offer.

Alphonzo Wilsnach is one of those hard-working Cape Point staffers, and over the last 8 months, when he started working at Cape Point, he has gone the extra mile to help guests and add to their experience. He also has some great insider tips for new and returning guests to get a unique perspective of the famous reserve.

Alphonzo works as a general assistant at Cape Point, and plays a critical role in a variety of important tasks. On any given day you might find him cleaning common areas and offices, transporting staff around the reserve, checking funicular tickets, and even behind the controls of one of the funicular cars. It’s the ticketing that excites him the most, and the responsibility of being in control of the funicular makes it the most challenging, but rewarding, of his tasks.

As a customer-facing staff member, Alphonzo has to deal with high pressure during peak season. But even when he faces thousands of visitors during the holiday period, his attitude is simply to stay “Positive, calm, and handle people with respect.”

This shows through in his most memorable Cape Point moment, when he helped a desperate guest recover lost memories. The guest had misplaced his camera somewhere in the reserve, and when Alphonzo found and returned it, he says the expression on the guest’s face, and his overwhelming gratitude, was immensely rewarding.

Alphonzo says working at Cape Point has had a positive influence on him and his family in many ways: “I am so happy because I can earn money and help my parents financially.”

If he had the day off to explore Cape Point, Alphonzo would spend it “Hiking, sightseeing, and relaxing”, and his favourite place to walk is on Olifantsbos beach. He also enjoys the view of the currents colliding around Bellows Rock, which was responsible for wrecking the Portuguese liner Lusitania in 1911. You can spot the rock from a few key vantage points on your way up to the old lighthouse, but if you’re not sure exactly where to find it, track down the hardworking Alphonzo, or any of his colleagues, and they’ll be sure to help you.


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