The Cape of Storms, the original name accorded to the present Cape of Good Hope, was not given lightly to one of the most notoriously dangerous coastlines in the world. Evidence of numerous shipwrecks litters the Cape coast from west to east, some of which may still be seen today around Cape Point.

Olifantsbos Point

From this viewpoint on the Atlantic side of the Peninsula, look towards where the Lusitania collided with Bellows Rock in 1911.

It is also the site of three other wrecks: the Thomas T Tucker, wrecked in 1942; the Nolloth, wrecked in 1965 and Le Napoleon, wrecked in 1805. A cairn among the fynbos marks the route to the beach from Olifantsbos. The Thomas T Tucker ran aground at the Point after striking Albatross Rock. Its hull is clearly visible on the shore. There is no visible wreckage of the Nolloth today.

A French pirate ship, Le Napoleon, foundered after being chased ashore at Olifantsbos by the Royal Navy frigate Narcissus on December 25, 1805. The outline of the ship and some cannons are often visible near the car park.


From the parking area, take a stroll down to the beach, or choose the trail leading along Kleinkommetjie Ridge to Die Hoek van Bobbejaan to view the remains of the Phyllisia, a steam trawler wrecked in 1968.

The better option is to take the Kleinkommetjie route, which treats visitors to stunning bay scenery and a long-distance vista of the beach stretching towards Brightwater. Bank on a walk of 1.5 hours each way. If you choose the lower hiking trail, the walk is about 20 minutes longer.

Buffels Bay

Buffels Bay, or Buffalo Bay, is said to have earned its name from a ship that was wrecked during the 1700s. Legend has it that a ship transporting buffalo apparently hit the rocky shoreline and broke apart, freeing the animals, which swam across the bay to freedom.

There may also be some visible wreckage of the Tania , a fishing trawler wrecked at Buffels Bay in 1970.

Cape Point

A walk all the way to the rugged and rocky Cape Point will take you to the site from where legendary ghost ship, the Flying Dutchman, has been sighted over the years.