10 romantic things to do at Cape Point

10 romantic things to do at Cape Point

Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or just a regular day, Cape Point is a must-do for a romantic day out. These are some of the things you and your loved one can do at this iconic attraction.

1. Have a picnic

The scenery is spectacular and there are very few things more romantic than a picnic with the ocean swaying on side and lush landscape on the other. Bordjiesdrif and Buffels Bay are ideal for this, and you can even have a braai if you\’d like.

2. Have lunch at the Two Oceans Restaurant

With a world-class fine dining menu, this is an ideal romantic lunch spot with views over False Bay and beyond. It’s best to make a booking beforehand and check the status of the West Coast rock lobster on the menu – otherwise try the sushi as a starter, choose any of the mouthwatering mains and save space for dessert; it’s as pretty as it is tasty.

3. Take a ride on the funicular
There’s nowhere else on the continent that you can take a ride on a commercial funicular – what’s not to love about that? Also, it’s a perfect excuse to get nice and close, especially if the ride is full – you may even need to hold on to your partner for extra support. Sneaky, but effective.

4. Do a free audio tour together
If it’s a first date, there’s nothing worse than asking each other a billion questions and having awkward silences in between. Get an earphone splitter so both of you can listen on the same device. Download the free Cape Point Audio Tour  to you smartphone before you get to Cape Point and let the fun begin. You’ll walk really close to each other while listening to interesting facts about Cape Point. Then after this romantic stroll you’ll have loads to talk about, because we bet you didn\’t know lots of the interesting information you’ll hear.

5. Take an iconic selfie

Take a walk from the parking lot (or drive) to the Cape of Good Hope sign, where you’ll, do doubt, take a selfie at this popular spot. Then you can show all your friends you’ve been to the south-western most tip of Africa. A bucket-list activity with the one you fancy? Sounds like a fantastic idea.

6. Do a short hike together

Hike to the new lighthouse (below the old lighthouse that everyone visits) and take in the scenery, the thrill of walking on the edge and the view of the old lighthouse from below. It’s a short walk that requires a basic level of fitness so you can help each other along.

7. Stroll on the pristine beach

Diaz Beach is a beautiful untouched beach that remains this way because access to it is down (and up) a 20-minute stair climb. If you’re up for the challenge you’ll be rewarded with a romantic stroll on an uncrowded beach. The water is a bit rough so we won’t advise swimming – but splashing each other is highly recommended.

8. Buy something at the curio shop
Buying a memento is a good way to remember the nice time you had. There are so many options at all three shops at Cape Point – the popular ones are the Cape Point in a bottle (it\’s beach sand and seawater in a miniature bottle), the cute key rings and loads of other souvenirs like clothing, branded mugs and even jewellery. You can buy each other a gift to make it more special.

9. Fall in love with the views
Take a seat one of the strategically placed benches and just enjoy the view. You could end up sitting for hours or even just a few minutes, but we guarantee you’ll share a #CapePointMoment 

10. Do some animal spotting

Take a drive through the park and see if you can spot any wildlife. Apart from the bontebok, zebra, eland, baboons and ostriches, you could also spot the little guys like the black girdled lizard, snakes, tortoises and starfish (in the rockpools).

*This should be number 11 – but technically it’s not at Cape Point but to and from Cape Point.
The drive to and from Cape Point along a beautiful coast, with the right road trip CD, good conversation and some stops for pics along the way, makes for a spectacular day out.

Don’t have a car? Hop on the new Cape Point Explorer bus and you’ll be able to relax all the way to Cape Point (entry fee included) and have a fun day out – no effort required.

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