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Flying Dutchman Funicular

Apart from offering visitors an exciting and novel method of travel, taking the Flying Dutchman funicular saves visitors an uphill walk from the car park to see the old lighthouse and enjoy the panoramic views.

Dining Options

Craving a taste of coastal luxury? The Two Oceans Restaurant offers an unrivaled dining experience, combining world-class cuisine with panoramic ocean views. The Food Shop allows guests to take a picnic approach whilst exploring the property.

Retail & Curio Shops

Our three retails stores, The Cape Point Logo Store, Cape Point Parks Shop and LH5 offer guests a variety options to be able to find the perfect memento to take home as a reminder of your visit to this beautiful place.

Flying Dutchman Funicular Prices


Flying Dutchman Funicular

Apart from offering visitors an exciting and novel method of travel, taking the Flying Dutchman funicular saves visitors an uphill walk from the car park to see the old lighthouse and enjoy the panoramic views.

The Flying Dutchman Funicular, also known as the Cape Point Funicular, is a funicular railway located at Cape Point. It’s the only commercial funicular of its type in Africa, and takes its name from the local legend of the Flying Dutchman ghost ship.

The line runs from a lower station at the Cape Point car park, up an incline through dense fynbos to the upper lighthouse. The funicular leaves from the lower station every three minutes, comfortably accommodates 40 passengers per car, and can transport 450 persons to the upper lighthouse per hour, making it the ideal way to whisk closer to the lighthouse even during peak times.



Rates Valid from 1 Nov 2023 until 31 Oct 2024

Flying Dutchman Funicular Prices

Adults: R95

Children*: R52

Pensioners**: R52

Adults: R80

Children*: R45

Pensioners**: R45

Cape of Good Hope Gate Entry Prices

Please note that the gate entry to the park is managed by SANParks

Adults: R100

Children*: R50

*Please note that ID must be provided.

Adults: R200

Children*: R100

Adults: R400

Children*: R200

*Children: Cape of Good Hope ages 2-12; Flying Dutchman Funicular ages 6-16 years; children under 6 ride free; all children must be accompanied by an adult.

**South African pensioners: 60+ get special funicular rates, but must show identification to receive pensioner rate. Tickets only available at Cape Point ticket office. (Not available to pre-purchase online)

***In order to qualify for the local rate, South Africans must produce their ID, driver’s licence or passport. Electronic copies (i.e. a high quality picture on your phone) is also suitable.

Price increases take place each year on 1 November.

Flying Dutchman Funicular Cape Point


The ghostly galleon known as the Flying Dutchman has been immortalised by mariners’ accounts and by a number of sightings over the past three-and-a-half centuries. As legend has it, the Flying Dutchman was captained by a Dutchman, Hendrik van der Decken, and was headed home from Batavia (now Jakarta) to Holland in 1641. As Van der Decken approached the Cape, typically stormy weather shredded the ship’s sails and waves flooded the deck. The captain had rounded Cape Point on several occasions previously, but this time, a terrified crew implored him to turn back. He refused to submit to the elements and lashed himself to the wheel, swearing that he would sail around Cape Point, even if it took him until Doomsday.

One version of the story goes that an angel appeared on the deck and the enraged captain drew his pistol and shot her. Van der Decken’s wish to round the point was granted that night, but he and his crew were doomed to sail these waters for ever more. Over the past three-and-a-half centuries a ghostly sailing ship, that glows red in the night and has a mad, bald captain, has been sighted by a number of mariners. Those who have seen her say she lets down row-boats that approach with ghostly men aboard, desperately seeking a Good Samaritan to take their letters back home, where they haven’t been for more than 300 years. But those who entertain these approaches are doomed…


Dining at Cape Point


The Food Shop

The Food Shop offers visitors an option to grab a snack, drink or meal and enjoy this wherever you want. Make use of the seating area outside the shop overlooking the bay or take it with you and find the perfect picnic spot within Cape Point. Choose from various light meals and snacks – including pizza, biltong, droëwors and other authentic South African delights. 



The Two Oceans Restaurant

The Two Oceans Restaurant occupies an enviable position above False Bay at the southwestern tip of Africa. The Two Oceans Restaurant prides itself on offering fine dining with world renowned views.


With only an hour’s scenic drive from the Mother City, dishes making a comeback such as the iconic Two Oceans seafood platter, and the classic favourites of grilled fish of the day, slow roasted pork belly and chocolate volcano dessert offers variety and flavours. We haven’t forgetton the kids’ favourites and vegetarian offers – there is something on the menu to suit all needs and pockets.


Reservations are highly recommended even outside of peak season.





Retail & Curio Shops

Cape Point Logo Shop

Cape Point Logo Shop

The Cape Point Logo Store is the ultimate souvenir shop at the Point. Visitors can choose from a wide variety of merchandise branded with the Cape Point logo, from T-shirts and fleece tops, caps and hats, mugs and teaspoons, to key rings, magnets and books. The Cape Point Certificate – the official record of a visit to Cape Point is sold here. Everyone will be able to find a memento to take home as a reminder of their visit to this beautiful place.

Cape Point Parks Shop

Cape Point falls within the Table Mountain National Park and it is the natural beauty and diversity of the floral kingdom that is celebrated in this store. Visitors can purchase bath products made from uniquely African extracts like rooibos and aloe; take home their own protea seeds or buy books to guide them through the flora and birds of the area. African heritage is also recognised in locally made bright ceramics and cloths. 


LH5 reflects maritime history and has a distinctly nautical feel with rich dark wood fittings and polished brass. Visitors can buy ship wheels or brass bells; or take home an intricate replica of an old sailing ship or an ostrich egg decorated with old maps. Great white shark jewellery, globes and Ngwenya glass figurines are just a few of the treasures to be found. For the kids there’s a range marine toys, bright accessories and clothes.

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