10 things to do for #MandelaDay

What will you be doing for your 67 minutes this Mandela Day? Here are some simple ideas to get you started.


  1. Do a neighbourhood or beach clean up. Get your colleagues/friends or family to bring black bags and focus on an area that needs some care.
  2. Encourage all your colleagues/family or friends to bring all their old clothes and donate these to an organisation in need.
  3. Volunteer or spend 67 minutes at a night shelter or home.
  4. Have a party at a children’s home – this will brighten their day. Play games with them, have snacks and just spend time with them.
  5. Put together stationery packs or collect stationery to donate to a school in need.
  6. Paint, build or repair something that needs attention at a school.
  7. Collect and donate books and magazines to schools.
  8. Make sandwiches or meal packs to be dropped off at a school in a less fortunate area.
  9. Spend time with the elderly. Find a home and go have a chat with some of the folks that we tend to forget about and just listen to their stories.
  10. Knit, buy or donate one of your own blankets to someone in need. Get your office/family involved and have a blanket drive.



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