Accessibility at Cape Point

Accessibility at Cape Point

We often get asked how accessible Cape Point is for people with limited mobility or any other disabilities.  Here\’s all the information you need.

The Flying Dutchman funicular
The funicular is wheelchair-friendly, as is the payment facilities and waiting area. There is a staircase to the payment area as well as a ramp. A special gate is also available for wheelchairs to pass through onto the funicular.

Top station
Unfortunately, once you\’re at the top station, if you\’re in a wheelchair, you won\’t be able to get to head up to the top lighthouse as there are only steps leading up to it. If you have limited mobility (crutches, etc) you may be able to get there slowly and with assistance.  The views from the top station are exquisite, though, so you shouldn\’t feel as though you\’re missing out. The shop at the top is NOT wheelchair friendly, but the shops at the lower station should be able to accommodation wheelchairs.

Two Oceans Restaurant
The sit-down restaurant has wheelchair access and ample space for special seating. The Food Shop (take-aways) next door is accessible as well.

Shops at the lower level
The Logo Store and Tiger\’s Eye store are both easily accessible. When Cape Point is full, it may be a bit harder to get around the stores, but it\’s definitely doable.

Free audio tour
Cape Point has a free audio tour that allows visitors to explore the site at their own pace while listening to interesting stories, facts and legends. This means people with limited mobility can explore without being rushed, as the app picks up your GPS location and the audio plays accordingly.

The toilets at Cape Point are wheelchair-accessible.

Cape Point sign
The Cape Point sign is accessible via a path on a slight incline.

Cape of Good Hope
Many people head for the Cape of Good Hope sign. Parking is available a few metres from the sign, however, to get a picture at the sign you\’ll have to walk over some gravel and the sign is surrounded by small rocks.

Diaz Beach
This beach is not accessible if you\’re not able to walk up and down over 100 steps

Buffels Bay
This popular spot\’s location makes it possible for wheelchairs to access the braai spots and beach. Parking is right next to the braai spots and all spots are a few metres from the sand and sea. You will need assistance getting up and down from the water.

Other beaches
The other beaches like Maclear, Olifantsbos and Platboom are not easily accessible.

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