Braai Spots at Cape Point

Braai Spots at Cape Point

On the 24th September as South Africans, we celebrate National Heritage Day in one of the best ways we know how to celebrate our culture and diversity: having a braai – which is why national braai day falls on the same day. To make the most of this important day on the South African Calendar, we decided to give you a head start and share some insider braai spots at Cape Point.

If outdoors, scenic views, and relaxation are what you are looking for this heritage day then we suggest you make your way to our most South Western corner of the African continent and visit Bordjiesdrif or Buffels Bay picnic areas. Celebrate heritage day like a true Capetonian among the defining elements of the South African way of life by partaking in this traditional past time.

Buffels Bay and Bordjiesdrif are famous for their great braai spots and grassy picnic areas. The beach has a safe tidal pool for kids that overlook the False Bay area. Not to mention the abundance of rich flora this time of the year. The reserve is also home to the world largest antelope, the Eland, Bontebok, Ostriches, Cape Mountain Zebra and over 250 species of birds.

When visiting Buffels Bay you find individual braai spots and at Bordjiesdrif you get circular braai spots for those visiting in groups. Buffels Bay has breathtaking white sands, but if getting sand between your toes is not your thing then Bordjiesdrif grassy patches is just the thing you need. Do remember to bring your own grids and wood. The Cape of Good Hope is open from 07:00 to 17:00 from April to September.

A few guidelines when popping round for a braai:
– Do keep to the demarcated braai areas for your own safety and for the preservation of the park.
– Do not feed the Baboons, those caught will be fined. Keep a safe distance between yourself and the baboons.
– Remember to keep the area clean and tidy at all times.
– No alcohol is allowed in the park.

Looking for more than a braai spot and want the full Cape Point experience? While you are in the park we highly recommend you start with a funicular ride to the top view points, stock up on some Cape Point memorabilia and pick-up any last minute snacks from the foodshop!

Bordjiesdrif History: The Diaz and the Da Gama monuments which double up as marine beacons can be seen from Bordtjiesdrif. The navigational beacons, Dias Cross and Da Gama Cross was erected to commemorate Vasco da Gama and Bartolomeu Dias; the first explorers to the Cape Of GoodHope. When the navigational beacons are lined up; the crosses point to Whittle Rock, a large, permanently submerged shipping hazard in False Bay.

Buffels Bay History: The first farms in the area were granted in the late 1970’s and landowners turned to fishing at Buffels Bay when they realised that the soil was not suitable for farming. There was also an active whaling station, which doesn’t exist in today’s times; however you can still see many whales from the shore at Cape Point. The Buffelsfontein visitors centre has a number of displays and presentations about the area.

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