Shipwreck Hiking Trail at Olifantsbos

Shipwreck Hiking Trail at Olifantsbos

More officially known as Olifantsbos Shipwreck Trail the Thomas T Tucker hike falls within Cape Point Nature Reserve, with over 1200 endemic and protected plants to explore and various forms of wildlife to the lookout, for example, Cape Mountain Zebra, Ostrich, Bontebok, Hartebeest and Tortoise.

The yellow trail markers will take you from the parking area at Olifantbos down to the sea. The American Liberty ship Thomas T Tucker struck the Albatross Rock here on her first voyage of war (1942). Her remains lie stranded on the rocks, fairly far from the sea and close enough to explore with children, a hulk of rusting ship. Everyone on board survived, you will be happy to know.

It is the rock pools, teeming with interesting sea creatures that is the star of the show for children. That and the few red beaked oystercatchers that run along the shoreline. A little further up the coast, if you want to keep going you will find the Dutch coaster, the Nolloth, wrecked here in 1965. Adding this leg the hike extends it by 2km or so.

What to bring:

  • A Map: You can get a pamphlet at the Buffelsfontein visitors Centre.
  • Hat and Sunblock: You’ll need to bring along sunblock and a hat to protect you from the sun as you walk along the beach.
  • Hiking Shoes: For the rocky bits and paths to the beach.
  • Water: Make sure to bring along lots of water to keep you hydrated.
  • Camera: Cape Point has some of the most dramatic landscapes which make for interesting photos.
  • Children from age 10 and up.
  • Warm top: It’s not called Cape of Storms for nothing; the wind can be icy even when the sun is shining.
  • Don’t bring food with you on the hike because there might be baboons on the trail.
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