Listen to the stories of Cape Point – Cape of Flames

Cape_Point_E12 Cape of Flames - Fires, Fynbos, and Fire-Stick Farmers

We’ve put together a series of 12 podcasts to bring the myths, legends and true stories of Cape Point to you, wherever you are.

Fun facts about fire

The word ‘fire’ is of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch vuur and German Feuer . Here are 15 other facts you may not have known about fire.

Cape Point fires

Here’s a selection of great fire and firefighting shots taken by Cathy Withers-Clarke, a South African nature photographer and regular at Cape Point.

Cape of flames

Fires, fynbos and ‘fire stick’ farmers

Fighting fire
It was 11am when Dean Harrison’s team got the call.  They were working in Tokai, battling the huge Cape wildfire of March 2015 that had started in the mountains above Muizenberg and spread as far as Constantia and Chapman’s Peak. The team of ten brave souls had been at it for four days in a row, grinding out 12 hour shifts in the crucible of smoke and heat.

Prescribed burns at Cape Point – Where, When and Why

Wild fires in the Western Cape are a very real issue, particularly during warmer and windier summer months. Throughout cooler autumn months, however, the experienced team from South African National Parks will be undertaking prescribed burns across the greater Table Mountain National park region, including the Cape of Good Hope section.