Women Of Cape Point | A Women’s Month special!

Women Of Cape Point | A Women’s Month special!

With August being women’s month, we’ll be profiling #WomenofCapePoint in celebration of this. Women who work behind the scenes to ensure that our attraction runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

Look out for upcoming posts on our social media timelines where the #WomenOfCapePoint share their insights.

First up we have Sindiwe Maxotana, a General assistant at Cape Point. Sindiwe shares what Women’s Day means to her. “Celebrating Women’s Day is a way of showing gratitude for each and every woman in one’s life. Not forgetting the women who have led us through the struggle, to gain acceptance, recognition and equal rights in society.  Every year on the 9th of August we celebrate the worth of a woman. Giving each and every woman a boost of empowerment to achieve their true potential. I believe women shake the cradle with the one hand and the earth with the other. Bringing lives into the world to fill our society.”

Estelle Brits, a General Assistant at Cape point believes Women’s Day is all about knowing what your contribution and worth are. Being a woman is challenging because of the many roles you have to play in society. As a woman, you have to continue to stand your ground in order for your rights not to be violated. Having inner strength to endure sacrifices and losses without losing hope but not forgetting the many before you, who fought so that you can be recognised as a woman of strength standing firm in what you believe. This strength makes you a unique and beautiful woman celebrating WOMEN’S DAY with love and pride.”

Next up to share what Women’s Day means to is Lungiswa Fanga, an Acting Supervisor at Cape Point. “This day is seen as huge empowerment for women of all race and creed. It allows us to make the stand for what is right and fair for all. National Women’s Day draws attention to significant issues African women still face today such as parenting, domestic violence, sexual harassment, unequal pay and schooling for girls. It is now a woman’s duty to take the opportunity and be empowered and liberated. As a woman in South Africa, I have so many doors of opportunity available to me. We as women are strong together as a unit and can achieve great things. Wathita abafazi wathita imbokotho !!!!!! YOU STRIKE A WOMEN YOU STRIKE A ROCK.”

Last but not least, meet Nikita Johnson our Admin Assistant at Cape Point. Nikita shares in-depth of what Women’s Day means to her. “Women’s Day is extremely significant and important because of its origin to women of all ethnic groups and from all walks of life. It is important to me because it reminds me of the brave women who marched in protest against pass laws that proposed even further restrictions on the movement of women.

Women throughout South Africa had put their names to these petitions indicating their anger and frustrations at having their freedom of movement restricted by hated official passes. Being a woman in Cape Town, South Africa today means a lot to me because we have been empowered beyond barriers and it has opened a doorway for women everywhere to rise beyond all stigmas and stereotypes. It empowers me as a woman to know there are no limits to anything I wish to achieve. It is liberating to know we don’t have to conform and live according to standards set. It also empowers me as an individual woman to know I am capable of great things and I can be a leader.

The Women’s Day march of 9 August 1956 has given women today a more privileged life enabling women to be capable of more. Women have faced many challenges in the past and in the present. Throughout our history, we have been redeemed by strong women, warriors, healers and mothers who have helped us overcome hardships, to heal from trauma and to fight for freedom and justice. Here’s to strong women.”

May we know them.

May we be them.

May we raise them.

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