The People Behind Cape Point – Akhona Mgabile

The People Behind Cape Point – Akhona Mgabile

Cape Point operates on a number of different levels, and with thousands of tourists passing through the gates each year it rests on the hard-working and dedicated staff to ensure that each and every guest has a truly memorable experience. Experienced staff members from all walks of life cover everything from cleanliness and ticket sales, through to health, safety and funicular maintenance – and most of the work happens quietly behind the scenes.

Each week we ask staff from across Cape Point about their personal insights about how they contribute to the Cape Point experience, and get their personal highlights and suggestions for people visiting this unique corner of Africa. This week we spoke to Akhona Mgabile – a recent addition to the Cape Point staff.

Akhona Mgabile is a general worker at Cape Point who has been working here for four months. His principal tasks include driving and cleaning, and this allows him to interact with visitors from around the world. According to Akhona, “Engaging with various kinds of people coming from different parts of the world” is the favourite part of his job.

Akhona says that working at Cape Point has allowed him to improve his communication skills, and his personal highlight since he started work here is meeting local celebrity M.J. from the television show Generations.

The old lighthouse is Akhona’s favourite lookout point, and if he had the day off at Cape Point, he would spend it showing off the various sights to his friends.

And Cape Point’s best kept secret? “All the hard work that goes on behind the scenes,” says Akhona. “To make sure the daily operations run smoothly!”

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