The People Behind Cape Point – Renate Baatjies

If you’ve visited Cape Point over the years, you’ll know that operations surrounding the funicular, stores, and Two Oceans Restaurant run seamlessly and without incident. The staff at Cape Point work incredibly hard to ensure that you have the best possible guest experience when you reach this section of the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, and much of the hard work happens behind the scenes.

The People Behind Cape Point – Alphonzo Wilsnach

Each Cape Point staff member contributes to the guest experience in his or her own way, and we can thank the amazing teamwork between all departments for the world-class guest experience we offer.

The People Behind Cape Point – Andrew Dowling

In order for everything to run smoothly at Cape Point, we have a large diverse team of staff who specialise in a variety of different tasks. And when it comes to the technical side of things, we have some of the best people in the business.

The People Behind Cape Point – Akhona Mgabile

Cape Point operates on a number of different levels, and with thousands of tourists passing through the gates each year it rests on the hard-working and dedicated staff to ensure that each and every guest has a truly memorable experience. Experienced staff members from all walks of life cover everything from cleanliness and ticket sales, through to health, safety and funicular maintenance – and most of the work happens quietly behind the scenes.