The People Behind Cape Point – Akhona Mgabile

Each week we ask staff from across Cape Point about their personal insights about how they contribute to the Cape Point experience, and get their personal highlights and suggestions for people visiting this unique corner of Africa. This week we spoke to Akhona Mgabile – a recent addition to the Cape Point staff.

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Cape Point Celebrates Christmas With HOKISA and Red Hill Preschool

One of the highlights on the Cape Point calendar is our annual Homes for Kids in South Africa (HOKISA) Christmas Party. This year we also celebrated with the wonderful children from Red Hill Preschool in the Masiphumelele and Red Hill informal settlements near Cape Point, and the time spent together was as special and festive as ever.

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How Funiculars Work

Humans have used funiculars for more than 500 years. And if you’ve been to Cape Point, you’ll know that our Flying Dutchman Funicular is a hugely popular attraction. But have you ever stopped to wonder how these engineering marvels actually work?

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What not to do at Cape Point

If everyone who visits Cape Point puts in a little effort and follows these guidelines, we can ensure that this spectacular little corner of Africa remains untouched for all of our future generations to come!

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Long hiking trails and overnight walks at Cape Point

Cape Point is a paradise for day visitors. Beautiful views and an array of short hikes are on offer throughout the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, and if you’re pressed for time these offer incredible returns. There are two longer hiking routes, however, that take you into the heart of Cape Point and the greater Table Mountain National Park region.

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